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Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice Through Non-violence. Wage Peace!

Veterans for Peace, Inc. (VFP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war.

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 Statement Of Purpose

We, having dutifully served our nation, do hereby affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause of world peace. To this end we will work, with others

(a) Toward increasing public awareness of the costs of war
(b) To restrain our government from intervening, overtly and covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations 
(c) To end the arms race and to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons
(d) To abolish war as an instrument of national policy.
(e) To seek justice for veterans and victims of war

To achieve these goals, members of Veterans For Peace pledge to use non-violent means and to maintain an organization that is both democratic and open with the understanding that all members are trusted to act in the best interests of the group for the larger purpose of world peace.

We urge all people who share this vision to join us. Membership Application Form (English)

Welcome Information from VFP109

VIETNAM-FULL DISCLOSURE: NO MORE LIES-THEN OR NOW (Oct 21, 23, & 28, 2015 The Everegreen State College)

"The Pride of Olympia" - Rachel Corrie

Veteran Benefits Advocacy

Military Services

Fridays 1000 -1400

G.I. Voice 203 4th Avenue East, Ste. 207 Olympia WA 98501

(New location: in the Securities Building in Olympia)

Call (360) 943-5975 for appointment

Accredited independent VA Claims Agents provide free VA benefits counseling for active duty personnel and veterans so they can file claims for the veterans with the VA. Mark Fleming and Dennis Mills are Accredited Independent VA Claims Agents who will help file appeals, present oral arguments in person at the VA Regional Office with the veteran. In the event the case is denied at the local level, Mark and Dennis will prepare for continuing appeals at the DC level, at the VA board of Veterans Appeals and, if necessary, file an appeal with the U. S. Court of Appeals for Veterans (three steps down from the Supreme Court). Bring your DD214 and all your records with you. (Resources)

VFP109, the Rachel Corrie Chapter in Olympia WA, produced a short PSA to alert active duty and veterans about their VA benefits. Every Friday, Dennis Mills and Mark Fleming provide counseling at GI Voice in Olympia, WA. They also provide assistance at SideWalk Veterans Assistance Program in Olympia on Thursdays. We want to encourage other VFP chapters to have independent accredited VA Claims Agents assist the growing numbers of those seeking help. VFP109 appreciates having a local access TV station, TCTV, where we can produce monthly programs.

Washington State Combined Fund Drive #141586 Washington State employees can now donate monthly to VFP109

"The Veterans Hour" on Channel 22 TCTV (Thurston County)
Monday, 5:00 pm
Thursday, 8:00 pm
Saturday, 2:00 pm

VFP109 YouTube Channel

Violent Foreign Policy - Glen Anderson, Olympia FOR

Veteran Benefits Advocacy Videos
[on YouTube]

Veteran Benefits Advocacy Training The goal is to train students how to pass the test for the title of Independent Agent in order to receive accreditation from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This title would enable the person certified to file claims for the veterans with the VA and file appeals, present oral arguments in person at the VA Regional Office with the veteran. In the event the case is denied at the local level, learn to prepare for continuing appeals at the DC level, at the VA board of Veterans Appeals and if necessary, file an appeal with the U. S. Court of Appeals for Veterans (three steps down from the Supreme Court).

"What Veterans Need To Know To Successfully File VA Claims"

Veterans for Peace Hour Videos [on YouTube]

Don’t say “Thank You For Your Service”: That Continues My Oppression Army veterans: Dennis W. Mills, Mark Fleming and Zahid Chaudhry, lead a discussion on how today’s service members and veterans have been structurally oppressed even before they enlisted and continue beyond in their civilian lives. War, moral injury, PTSD, sexual oppression, poverty draft, homelessness, unemployment, and militarism are the oppressors.

GI Voice aka Coffee Strong is now just GI Voiceand has moved to 203 4th Avenue East, Ste. 207 Olympia, WA 98501.(360) 943-5943 Watch the video produced by VFP109 Media that explains their purposes in the move and reverting back to the original name of GI Voice

VetsRising/One Billion & Rising - Olympia WA On February 14th @ 11:30 AM in Olympia, WA Elizabeth Bissett, an Air Force veteran and friends danced to “break the chain” of violence against women. The aim of this flash dance was to bring out of the shadows, women and men, victims of rape, sexual assault, harassment, and domestic violence, while serving in our armed forces. The event took place in the Rotunda of the Washington State Capital.

JeJu Island Peace Delegation Larry Kerschner, VFP109 member and Vietnam veteran, shares his experiences of demonstrating against the U.S. buildup/occupation of JeJu Island, South Korea. He was part of the JeJu Island Peace Delegation.

Women Under Fire-Abuse in the Military "Veterans Hour," a monthly televised program by VFP109, hosted Sarah Blum, author of "Women Under Fire - Abuse in the Military."

Dahr Jamail at Coffee Strong  Dahr Jamail, a journalist with, shares his coverage on war, climate change, and electronic warfare testing on the 6th Anniversary of Coffee Strong. [Dec 2014]

Discharge Upgrade Counselor Training-Session One Discharge Upgrade Counselor Training - Session 1 is taught by Kathy Gilberd from the Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild. Participants were volunteer counselors from Coffee Strong, a GI Rights center in Lakewood WA. [Feb2014]

Mourn not only for Americans killed in battle Support the troops, cut the funding for war, use the money to bring them home now, and take care of them when they get here! 4486 died in Iraq (

3506 died in Afghanistan ( ) [DOD is not releasing current information]

1,421,933 Iraqi Deaths ( )

 Deaths, Wounded, and Medical Evacuations due to illness or injury are more 90,000. 

454,000 veteran patients from the two wars in VA healthcare

2 POW/MIA ( ) Webpage

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-TALK

GI Rights Hotline 1-877-447-4487

The Soldiers Project Northwest Email Call (206) 290-1035

Breaking News


A Tribute to Ken Schwilk For many years, Ken Schwilk, was a camera operator for the VFP109 Media Team. Recently, he passed away from cancer due to his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. The program begins with a “Missing Cameraman” tribute including a musical piece honoring Ken by Vaude deVille. (Vaude has since passed!)

War is a Racket! Has Anything Changed? by Phil Farruggio, submitted by Phil Restino, Chapter Co-Chair, VFP Chapter 136 Central Florida Veterans For Peace

Lies and Consequences in Our Past 15 Wars - David Swanson

Books by VFP109 Authors

Listening to Victims of War - Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (Global Day of Listening) 21st every month! وستدار شما Thank you for hearing our voice of peace, as being heard is a breakthrough for silence. ( DostdAr shumA Yours lovingly ), Hakim in Afghanistan  On behalf of Abdulai, Zekerullah, Abdul Ali, Raziq, Lala, Faiz, Mohd Jan, Mohd Hussein and Ali Mohd

Events Calendar 

Veteran Benefits Counseling Fridays 10-2 pm at G.I. Voice 203 4th Avenue East, Ste. 207 Olympia WA 98501. Active duty and veterans are encouraged to drop in and learn what VA benefits to which they may be entitled .Fridays 10-2pm Veteran Advocate Training The goal is to train students how to pass the test for the title of Independent Agent in order to receive accreditation from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Contact Mark Fleming rezdog02@hotmailcom or Dennis for details. 2015 Schedule for Veterans Hour on TCTV (Channel 22 in Olympia) Monday 5 pm, Thursday 8 pm, and Saturday 2 pm. Helping our allies to the north, Contributors to VETS_CAFE Kickstarter will receive seedballs, and higher levels of support will get you a CD with veteran interviews, class highlights and digital copies of the site designs we develop.
VETS_CAFE: A Permaculture Design Project projects/694901181/ vets-cafe-a-permaculture-design -project?ref=live

Costs of War - VFP49



Aerial view of ANW2008 Jason Murley photo, General Administration Office

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Veterans for Peace Sexual Assault Resource Page
War Resisters 
Depleted Uranium
Larry Kerschner Writes   
Winter Soldier Bibliography - Suggested reading, watching and listening  
PTSD Resources
Dahr Jamail's Mideast Dispatches
If you haven't seen it, take a look at the AFSC video on the cost of war:  

Critical Concern  was created to express other viewpoints to ponder. You are encouraged to submit articles or links.

Friendly Water for the World seeks to increase environmental and community sustainability by helping communities help themselves. Our focus is on building local capacity through training and helping to start local micro-business or community-led distribution strategies.  Biosand water filter projects are currently in Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Democratice Republic Congo, India, Honduras, Zimbabwe, and Burundi.

The National Veterans Foundation has opened a toll-free helpline (1-888-777-4443) for Troops, Veterans and their families. All calls are answered live by trained veterans, who listen, provide crisis intervention services, emotional support and information, or immediate referrals to local providers who can help. The NVF Helpline has already served more than 275,000 people in need.

"As I see it, our mission remains un-changed – to establish ourselves as the credible source of information and first-hand experience of  the real costs and causes of war – and to use that information to convince the public of its own desperate need to change the course of America away from militarism and military domination of the planet." -- Woody Powell, former VFP Executive Director

How much does it cost to keep a single US soldier in Iraq with the increasing prospect of being killed or seriously injured? $350,000 a year!  See

Action Items

Help G.I. Voice in Olympia WA provide services for veterans and active duty. Checks must be made to: GI Voice: THE MEMO SHOULD READ:GI Voice Support. Please send all tax-deductible donations to: GI Voice 203 4th Avenue East, Ste. 207 OlympiaWA 98501

The Vietnam Friendship Village Project is a residence for children and elderly people suffering from the impact of Agent Orange. Built on a former rice paddy near Hanoi , the Friendship Village is a living symbol of peace and reconciliation, an amazing example of former enemies working together for a common compassionate cause. Currently, six countries are involved in this international project. Dan Ryan, a member of the US Committee, is available to present informative documentaries and discussion on this project. He can be reached at 360-352-3293 or

Zahid Chaudhry - VFP109 President
360 888-3704 (Dennis Mills' cell)

Mark Fleming - Secretary

Dennis Mills - Treasurer
360 888-3704 (Dennis Mills' cell)

Washington State Combined Fund Drive #141586

VFP National Office

President: Patrick McCann

Vice President:  Gerry Condon

Treasurer: Mark Foreman

Secretary: John Heuer






Board Member: April "Little Red Feather" Adams Email:

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Each new death of a soldier or a civilian, each child who loses a parent to the carnage, each healthy body that is broken or burned in this war that didn't have to happen, is a reminder of how horribly wrong he [Bush] was. -- Bob Herbert, NY Times

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