Here are a few photos that Pat and I took at the Washington DC rally and march on 27 January. That is no where close to the size of the crowds its all I could get on the camera. There are thousands and thousands behind us, many more that you can see as far as you can see in front of us. The crowd estimates were about 500,000----that is typical of the police estimates.

There was more than twice that well over a million people in the march and watching and cheering us on on the side walks, and every place a person could stand or hang on to something. It was amazing and a good march.

It was nice to see Congress persons Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, Dennis Kucinich, John Conyers and another Congress women from California---I forget her name right now but she is very active against the war and is sponsoring a resolution at this time in Congress about the war.

I will send more but I thought these would be interesting to start with.