Veterans for Peace Rachel Corrie Chapter 109, Meeting Minutes Dec 16, '07

Location: First Christian Church, Olympia WA
Facilitator:Robert P Co-facilitator: Larry K
Present: Robert P, Robert S, Cheryl C, Dennis M, Larry K, Ken S, Jim J, Janet S, Terry Z, Catherine D, Mark F, Miriam H, & George H, with visitors Rik R, Kay S, and Jim B.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Treasurer's Report:$2640 balance, with $800 ear-marked for ANW '08, $185 for media equipment, and $10 for renewal of incorporation papers. The meeting voted $50 to First Christian Church as thanks for providing a meeting place for this meeting.Donations at this meeting were$50, and sales were $47.
Letter re excellent grant is pending; delay is due to a computer problem.

VFP members are invited, with places to stay in Minneapolis, at the time of the GOP convention in Aug '08. Details to follow from Larry K.
Jim J reported Father Ray Bourgeois, leader in outlining abuses and organizing opposition to the School of the Americas, will be visiting the region again; locations for talks are being arranged.
Jim J also reports that Chris Knight wishes us to express preferences for a date for the fourth regional VFP meeting, to be held in Portland between March 1 and May 31, '08.
Peace Is Patriotic button by VFP
Terry Z announced new buttons available for $1 :
(There is a reflection in the picture;the lettering is perfect in real life.)

Election of officers: The meeting elected, as follows:
President: Robert Poteat

Vice President: Ken Schwilk
Co-facilitators: George "Jim" James and Dennis Mills
Secretary: Catherine Dowdy
Treasurer: Terry Zander
Next meeting:Jan 20, '08 will be at Traditions Fair Trade.
The remainder of the meeting was given over to potluck and conversation.

Respectfully submitted, George Hill, Sec'y and thanks to Miriam, Dennis, Jim, and Terry