June 24 Meeting Minutes
Veterans for Peace Rachel Corrie Chapter 109
Olympia, Washington
In Attendance:  George H, Robert S, Jody T, Jim J ,Ken S, Terry Z, Lois W, Duane K, Jiro K, David B, Jerry M, Alec C, Zoltan G, Debi M, Dan R, Jacqui B, Cheryl C, Tom B, Mike C, Mary C
Introductions and free speech round about.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
The treasurer reported that we have $944.82 in the grant account, $188.73 in the general account.  Super Saturday tabling resulted in $54 in donations and item sales.  Later in the meeting the hat was passed which resulted in $69 for the general fund.  A suggested bylaw change to clarify the role of the treasurer will be sent out on e-mail.
Old business:  Plans for the Tumwater 4th of July parade.  About twelve people indicated they would walk in the parade.  ANW Memorial:  Jim J has applied for August 26-27 at the Heritage Park.  7pm take-down on the second day.  Ask other groups to help with the cost by requesting $25/group.  There will likely be 3700 names of the fallen by then.  "Sand in the City" may be the same weekend which will increase visibility of the memorial.  Jim J also reported that the VfP National Convention will be in St. Louis, August 15-19, 2007.  See VeteransForPeace.org web site for all the details.
Guest Jacqui Brown-Miller of "Alliance for Democracy" requested sponsorship of the Indy Media group of programs, indicating that she had already received more than enough person donations from chapter members to pay for a sponsorship.  It was agreed that she would indicate the chapter name on the program credits.
New Business:  Terry invited everyone to the Alternative 4th of July celebration at Sylvester Park, "Freedom from Tyranny and War" with music, free speech, nonviolent games, etc.  Jody  explained the Beyond Hiroshima activities in August...to help, contact her.  Zoltan is forming an action team to have movie event at the FOR fall retreat, showing "Soldiers Speak Out, along with "War Made Easy".  This event will help build the membership of IVAW and VfP.  The retreat is Nov. 9 and 10 in Lacey.  Dan reported on the Vietnam Friendship Village..we sent $600 from the grant fund to that project.
Program:  Mary C, founder of the Peace Scouts, explained that program for elementary school kids.
Next Meeting:  Traditions Cafe:  July 15, 1:30pm social time, 2:00pm meeting, (12:30pm board meeting)
Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Crist