In his recent Commentary in the Chronicle, John McCroskey stated that the Tea Party members are the true patriots and the members of the various Occupy protests are idiots who just want to be arrested. Proverbs 26:5 states “Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes” so I guess I'm required to disagree with Mr. McCroskey.

Comparing the moral vision the two movements can shed some light on what it means to be a patriot in a democratic society. The moral vision of the Tea Party is based on the idea of self interest and individual responsibility. Despite many claims to be Christian based, they have no room for social responsibility and seem to believe that authority and power that comes from wealth is a moral and proper reward of financial success.

The last count I have seen is that there are over 1900 Occupy groups of various size around the world, including one here in Centralia. The moral vision of the Occupy movement stems from the idea that we should all care for each other as much as we care for ourselves. A true patriot believes that love of the country and its people stems from something more than promoting the self interest of the massively wealthy. They realize that the role of government is to protect and empower all the people not just the rich.
Many of the members of the Occupy communities are young people who have worked hard, graduated from college, and are now unemployed with no prospects and thousands of dollars in debt from their education. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York the cumulative debt for student loans recently topped one trillion dollars. Many of the members of the Occupy communities are working class and middle class people who know their wages have been stagnant for over thirty years. They also know that the Tea Party-dominated Republicans are clamoring to further lower wages and benefits while at the same time calling for reduced taxes for the wealthiest in our country.

All of these Americans know that the reasons for the current financial crisis is an unregulated and unaccountable financial industry which has been enabled by a political system which has been purchased by corporate dollars. The Bush administration wasting trillions of dollars in two unfunded wars and cutting taxes for the wealthiest are also part of the reason for the mess we are in.
Only a fool or a criminal would agree with the Supreme Court that a corporation is a person and that spending money is the same thing as speech. According to a recent Time magazine poll, 54 percent of Americans are favorable to the Occupy movement while only 27 percent are favorable to the Tea Party. The difference in the moral vision of these two groups is the difference between favoring power and privilege and favoring justice and truth. You decide who is the patriot and who is the idiot.

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A big part of transforming the people is, yes, a different consciousness and morality, but also people seeing the breakdown in their own understanding of the "permanent necessity of existing conditions" and the possibility of a whole different thing. --Bob Avakian

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NOTICE: Even though the shrubrat is gone the government is likely still reading your e-mails through the Echelon Program. The plutocratic corporatists and the arrogant militarists are the true terrorists in the world today.