Larry Kerschner Writes

Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is supposed to be a day of remembering those who have died while in active military service to our nation.  Memorial Day brings to my mind a long granite wall in Washington D.C. with 58,195 names chiseled into its face.  If the current war stopped today there would be almost four thousand names of the dead to place in their memorial. 

      Of course, the fact that the majority of those who die in wars today are not wearing uniforms is not mentioned.  We wouldn't want a the memory thousands of civilian deaths to mar the festivities.

      In the usual American manner to mix a little commerce with the nation's business, Congress made the day a three day weekend with the National Holiday Act of 1971.  That way we can honor the military dead by gassing up the SUV with the petroleum product they died for.  Memorial Day marks the beginning of Summer and Labor Day, another three day chance to spend money on the open road, marks the end of Summer.  This reminds me of President Bush's first proclamation after September 11 when he said everyone should go out and buy something.  Spending money as a form of grief might make a good psychological study for someone's PhD. Dissertation.

       I and other members of Veterans for Peace would like to see the United States stop using war as a foreign policy tool.  The dead don't see any honor in the flags and the parades.  If we weren't so quick to go to war there wouldn't be so many families having to remember their dead loved ones. 

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