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May 20, 2007 Meeting Minutes
Veterans for Peace Rachel Corrie Chapter 109
Olympia, Washington
In Attendance:  Lois W, Alan W, Robert S, Robert P, Cheryl C,Craig C, Terry Z, Molly G, Jody T, Catherine D, Mohammed A, Dan R, Dennis M, David B, Duane K, Rod C
New Members Lois and Alan were introduced and welcomed.
Treasure's Report:  The grant account has approximately $900 and the general funds account has about $498.  A few expenses from the regional meeting may still be outstanding.  The treasurer has pulled together information from the past few years about shirts, buttons, etc. orders and sales.  It is time to order more supplies, including peace jewelry, to sell for fundraising so that we will have them by Super Saturday.  We passed the hat and collected $100.  We authorized $500 (give or take a little) for the treasurer to order more of the various things we sell.  Suggested by-laws change:  Terry suggests that we expand the description of the treasurer's duties in the by-laws to add the maintaining of the two bank accounts, maintaining a supply of the stuff we sell such as buttons, books and shirts, and chairing the funds committee which receives requests for funds and makes a "pro/con" recommendation to the larger membership at meetings.  The wording of the suggested by-law change will be published in the minutes as soon as it is completed and will also be published on the listserv.
Round the Circle Free Speech:  Each member and guest present had one minute to express to the group what was important to them at the moment.
Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the April 15, 2007 meeting were approved as presented on the list serve.
Old Business:  A statement on the movie "Obsession" was approved to be on our web site and distributed as widely as possible.  The statement points out the bias in the movie and the "propagandizing" which seems aimed at creating fear of all Muslims.  The movie is being shown on college campuses, often without the input of peaceful Muslim voices to balance the presentation.
Building a float for parades was postponed because of Lela's illness and absence.  Those wishing to help with a float, please contact Lela M.  And wish her a speedy recovery.
Molly G reported on her activities with the action team for youth, Know All You Can Know.  There will be a student summer camp at South Puget Sound Community College June 29 - July 1.  If you know low income students that need career information (scholarships, union apprenticeships, etc.) please put them in touch with Molly.  We think students should know about the civilian options open to them, not only the military options offered by recruiters.  She is working with Andy Hime of "Voices in Wartime" to develop curriculum and hold events in the South Sound area.  She will report further about this in the future and request funds for the projects.
We will have a table at Super Saturday at The Evergreen State College, June 16, 10am to 4pm.  There is still room for more volunteers to staff the table on two hour shifts.  Contact Cheryl at ccrist5000(at) if you want to help.
There were a variety of announcements about upcoming events in the community.
Next meeting:  Because Father's Day is the third Sunday in June, the next meeting will be Sunday, June 24, 1:30 social time, 2:00  meeting.  We meet at Traditions Fair Trade Cafe.
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Cheryl Crist,

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