Veterans Benefit ManualNEW 2012 EDITION!

Veterans Benefit Manual $146.00

This indispensable guide has helped thousands of lawyer and non-lawyer advocates obtain VA benefits for veterans and their families. The 2012 Edition of the Veterans Benefits Manual is an extensive revision of the 2011 edition to (a) take into account all of the significant changes that have occurred in veterans benefits law since July 1, 2011, when the 2011 edition was finalized, (b) add new topics not previously covered, and (c) add advocacy tips. Significant new information that appears in the 2012 edition of this Manual includes the following:

•  New information and advocacy advice regarding claims based on exposure to Agent Orange for those who served in Thailand or near the Korean DMZ

•  A discussion of the 2012 court decision affecting entitlement to special monthly pension for veterans aged 65 years or more

•  A discussion of the VA's new Fully Developed Claims program and use of VA Form 21-526EZ

•  Detailed information about VA's new streamlined decision notification process, called the simplified notice letter

•  Recent developments in VA health care, including tentative eligibility for VA medical care and "medical foster home" care

•  Information and advocacy advice regarding Disability Benefits Questionnaires and their use in private examinations, as well as VA's expanded use of telehealth examinations for the purpose of determining the degree of disability

•  An updated discussion of the law regarding when a VA claimant may successfully appeal to the CAVC after the 120-day deadline for filing a Notice of Appeal

•  The new case law surrounding when the CAVC has jurisdiction to review a BVA remand order or referral

•  An explanation of the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims' September 15, 2011 amendments to its Rules of Practice and Procedure