If you have the feeling that you are being watched, you probably are not paranoid. Welcome to the National Security Surveillance State. A recent book The Daily You by Joseph Turow shows how ads, discounts, news and entertainment are being personalized on the basis of data being collected and coordinated by powerful but not well-known media agencies. When you fill out a survey, swipe your card at Safeway, download a Groupon coupon or Google any information on the Internet, these media agencies are developing an individualized profile of you despite their claim that this process is anonymous.
Recently William Binney, who worked for the National Security Agency for almost 40 years, warned how the NSA is building the largest spy center in the country in Bluffdale, Utah. He states that the government has already collected and stored 20 trillion pieces of telephonic and internet communication of U.S. citizens. Using programs that they have developed, if they want to focus on you, they can call up any former and future forms of communication between you and members of your social network.

The House of Representatives recently passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) which would make legal any sharing, unbeknownst to you, of any online and private communications with government agencies which the NSA is already doing. Within a month of 9/11. Congress passed the Patriot Act which authorized expanded surveillance by the government, expanded covert actions within the country and overseas, created shadow arrest programs, and the military based interrogation and detention program that is centered at Guantanamo, Cuba. President Obama now has and uses power that President Bush didn't dare. He has used his power to order the death of U.S citizens without court review or trial. He signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 which authorizes the U.S. military to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone suspected of assisting terrorists. In many ways, the effect of these changes has been to militarize all U.S. police departments. The Seattle Police Department obtained one of 700 recent permits from the Federal government given to government and law enforcement agencies in this country to spy on U.S. citizens by Predator drones.

One way to stop the advertising media from tracking you is to install the free Do Not Track program from www.donottrack.us. Encourage your U.S. Senator to vote against the Senate version of CISPA. President Obama has stated that he would veto CISPA but he also said he would veto the National Defense Authorization Act and then signed it into law. You can also contact www.torproject.org. The Tor Project has a free download which will protect you from a common form of internet surveillance known as “traffic analysis”. It will help you maintain real anonymity on the internet. Another place to find useful information is at www.eff.org. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a Surveillance Self-Defense site to help educate us all about the law and the technology being used by corporate government to spy on and manipulate us.
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