What does it mean to be un-American when a recent Associated Press survey found that over half the people in this country openly admit to being anti-Black and anti-Hispanic? Mind you that I'm not too surprised, since the Right has been pushing subtle and not so subtle racism for years through their minions at FOX and other media outlets. Remember who first started promoting the idea of Mr. Obama as the food-stamp President? Remember the Willy Horton ads? Remember Reagan haranguing about non-existent welfare queen?

Republican leaders of both houses of Congress have stated publicly that their primary goal is to prevent Mr. Obama from being re-elected, even if it means blocking legislation that is good for America. Their not so subtle racism in this effort comes, in my opinion, from their belief that anyone of color is not capable of discharging the duties of the highest elected office in the land. Their racism was apparent when attendees at the Republican National Convention threw bags of peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman saying, “This is how we feed the animals”. The President has been portrayed as a shoeshine man, an Islamic terrorist, and a chimp by an elected official of the Republican Party of Orange County California. I have seen pictures on the streets of Centralia with a Hitler mustache superimposed on a picture of Mr. Obama.

I really can't imagine why any thoughtful woman would support any Republican candidate for public office. The Republican Party policy platform leads directly to belief statements like the Missouri U.S. Senate candidate talking about when rape is legitimate. The even more bizarre statement from the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Indiana that rapists are doing God's will in impregnating their victims also flows from the policy platform of the Republican Party. The Republicans don't think that women are capable of deciding decisions about their bodies for themselves. Republicans don't think women should have access to birth control so that women can decide for themselves when, and if, they will get pregnant. Republicans plan to get rid of Planned Parenthood portraying them only as abortionists when the vast majority of their money is used to fund cancer screenings, birth control, and other health care services for poor people who have no other form of health care. Ryan Fattman, state GOP Rep. from Massachusetts thinks undocumented women who are raped should be afraid to report their rape to the police.
And for those who have been waiting for justice from our court system, the first person has been sent to prison on a charge related to the many war crimes committed by the Bush administration. This person's crime? He told the American public about the many horrendous crimes that were committed under Bush.

What does it mean to be un-American when the truth tellers go to prison and the war criminals go free? What does it mean to be un-American when so many Americans are filled with hate for people of color and women?
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