Agenda for June 26, 2005 Meeting

The VFP chapter 109, the Rachel Corrie Chapter will meet this Sunday, June the 26th at Plenty restaurant in down town  Olympia .  The meeting is scheduled from 2:30 PM to 5 PM.  Please come with an appetite and order some food.  This will be our last meeting at Plenty! as we have secured Tradition Fair Trade as our meeting place for the remainder of 2005.


We will follow our regular outline with reports from the officers and action team leaders.  We have as old continuing business:


1.       F/U events, a) The Palestinian family visit, Christi M.  b) Hiroshima event. Jody T

2.       Counter recruitment, Eatonville frustration with vfp109 support.  Bill C.

3.       Chapter Information Sheet request for approval.  Jim J

4.       Elect a new Secretary

5.       TC pro Net. To join or not to join?  Terry

6.       Kyne/Moreau report.  Don B.  Member feedback.

7.       New member kit.  Debbie P.

8.       Future meeting location and dates

9.       Planning strategies for the next year. 

10.   Our first area of strategy.  Membership growth.  Membership recruitment and retention.

11.   Member role and responsibilities, What is our growth target goal? 

12.   Membership Action Team development, proposed roster management team members, outreach and follow up contact members. Jim - Debbie and Membership Action

13.   Team/Board Strategy planning.  Board proposal to have Dana Briggs, national VFP Board member and Chapter 92 member present the national board's strategic planning.  Susan Campbell is willing to facilitate our chapter in planning for our future.


  New Business

  1.  Peace vigil, Dan R.

  2.  Resolution to impeach. Stanley S., Larry K

  3.  Peace maker, Sheila P speaking engagement support, Christi

  4.  July 9th invitation to facilitate, endorse, sponsor?  Ken S

As you can see we have a lot to address in 2 and one half hours so come with staying on topic as a goal and the way to accomplish a lot.

Hope to see you there.  Bring a friend.


                                 G. "Jim" James for Christi McGinley, CO-facilitators