Larry Kerschner Writes



    I found interesting the response to a group of letters opposing the military occupation of Iraq recently printed in the Chronicle.  Those who responded negatively suggested that we should ask a veteran about the views we profess.  These people seem to think that anyone who has been in the military has been brainwashed to accept anything that falls from the lips of those who control this country.


     At least half the letters opposing the current illegal occupation of Iraq printed in the Chronicle were written by veterans.  Recent polls suggest that two thirds of Americans are opposed to continuing this occupation.  Does the logic of those letter writers mean that it is they who are anti-American? 


     Recently a large group of U.S. troops who had served, some of whom are current members of the military, testified in three days of hearings at Silver Springs, Md.  Their eye witness accounts gave clear pictures of free-fire zones (meaning you shoot anything that moves) in dense civilian areas, house raids that terrorized residents, indiscriminate shootings, severe beatings and torture of detainees.  They also gave witness to the lack of medical and psychological care for troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.


      You probably didn't hear about what these troops had to say because the corporate media didn't cover these hearings. They don't want you to hear what the current veterans are saying. They don't want you thinking about the atrocities built into the current ill-defined Pentagon war strategy and the U.S. government's callous disregard for the lives of Iraqi civilians.


      It is George Bush and those who support him that are supporting the aims of the terrorists.  Osama bin Laden and his ilk only have to point to what our troops are doing in this illegal and immoral occupation to get many young frustrated people to sign up.  Those who support this war are the ones who do not support our young people in the military.  For the most part they want to send other people's children to kill and die for the lies propagated by those currently in power. 


     Peace is the only true troop support.  I am not ignorant of the dangers which exist in the modern world.  However, I do not believe that there is some great horde of terrorists waiting to come kill us all anymore than I believed that there was a great horde of Red Commies waiting to come kill us all in the last incarnation of the Boogeyman. 


      There are many people in the world who are frustrated with America for many reasons.  Most of those reasons come out of the fact that we as Americans act as though we have been called by the divine to rule the world.  If we stopped oppressing people mostly for corporate desires and stopped supporting those who oppress people in our interests we would have immensely less enemies in this world.  Maybe we could then stop acting as though we are afraid.


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