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at the speed of foot

At the Speed of Foot More than simply a hiking story, At the Speed of Foot, explores the events and ideas that led MarkFleming, VFP109, to the Appalachian Trail.  Along with the mountain, forests, small towns and other hikers, Mark reflects on his experience as a combat veteran of Vietnam.  Anger and guilt contrast with the often subtle, sometimes spectacular, landscape that passes under Mark’s feet. Release Flyer


Grave Lines

Grave Lines is a collection of some of my poems now available (see attached PDF of cover). I would appreciate my friends supporting me in this by purchasing a copy. Send $10.00 for the book plus $2.00 for envelope and postage to: 3681 Cooks Hill Road, Centralia WA 98531 if you would like a copy.

I began writing poetry as a child but didn't take it seriously until I started trying to understand all that I had gone through while a soldier in Vietnam. I was in the Infantry and while I was in war I did what I needed to do in order to survive. It wasn't until several years after returning to the U.S. that I began to gain some perspective. I developed great anger and sorrow over what I had been forced to do by a society that is for the most part willfully ignorant of the realities of the world. Although I can claim personal historical and political ignorance prior to going to war, I judge myself as lacking moral and ethical strength for not opposing what my society was doing in that war. Since then, I have through reflection, study, discussion, association with other military veterans and peacemakers, and the love of my family started to come to grips with both my personal and my nation's history. In the Christian tradition there is a call for repentance based on a Greek word μετ?νοια which I understand has a core meaning to 'turn around and take another look'. My poetry tends to be “in your face” and offends some people. This is a result of my passionate wish for people to turn around and take another look at what is going on all around us. I hope this second look can help others with their own healing and with the healing of our common human community.~ Larry Kerschner