Larry Kerschner Writes

Congress should ...

      Clearly from the results of the last election the majority of the American people are opposed to it.  Polls show that the majority of the people in the world are opposed to it.  The majority of Congress are opposed to it. The Iraq Study Group is against it. The Democratic Party is against it.  Many Republican lawmakers are against it. Many of the top brass in the Pentagon are against it.  According to polls in the Stars and Stripes the majority of the members of the military are opposed to it.  George Bush is going to send more troops to Iraq anyway.

     Adding 21,000 new troops is going to do nothing except get a large number of them killed.  It will not significantly effect the military situation in Iraq.  In early 2004 the number of U.S. troops dropped to about 115,000.  By late 2005 the number had risen by another 45,000 without improving the situation.  Adding the proposed surge of half that number of troops now will have no better outcome.  

      I actually blame Gerald Ford in some measure for the mess we find ourselves in.  Richard Nixon lied to the American people and secretly expanded the war by invading Cambodia.  He showed contempt for law, imperial pretensions, practiced illegal wiretapping and defied Congress and the Courts.  Gerald Ford pardoned him for all these crimes.  

     This set the precedent for Bush to think he can do anything he wants.  If he is ever called to justice, he assumes that he will be pardoned for the good of the country.  One difference is that Bush doesn't try to hide his crimes.  He publicly announced plans for global military dominance.  He claims the right to wiretap without court approval.  He claims the right to imprison foreigners and Americans indefinitely without charge or trial.  He has made over 800 signing statements when he signs new laws stating that he will only follow the laws if he feels like it. Bush lives in a fantasy in which he is king and the rest of us are to do his bidding.  It is quite probable that he needs mental health therapy and medications. 

     Congress should be holding open public hearings to investigate all the crimes of this administration.  Congress should also be addressing skyrocketing health insurance and medication costs and our dependence on foreign oil which lead directly to this war.  Congress should start a Manhattan Project level enterprise to develop and promote alternative energy sources.  This can lead to a resurgence of American manufacturing with an increase in American jobs.  It can also lead to cleaner air and less addition to global warming.  This government needs to be of the people, by the people and most importantly for the people.  Until the people show some concern and anger, it will continue to be business as usual.


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