December Minutes     

 Members Present: Rod Campbell, George James Jr., Ken Schwilk, Christi McGinley, Ralph Blankenship, Duane King, Brady Anderson, Julia Moore, Laurel Vredenburg, Paula Allison, Bob Rudolph, Judy Linehan, Wes Hamilton, Dennis Mills, Larry Kerschner,  Dan Ryan, Don Broadwell Guests: Jerry Muchmore, Cheryl Crist, Becky Sisler, Linda Sue Swisher, Nita Pruitt, Iris Vredenburg, Brian Hovis, Keith Keyser, Jim Shulruff, Harvey Williamson, Jeanie Mykland, Ray Campbell

Opened with introductions.

Approved Minutes from November meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Dan Ryan, Sec/Treasurer, announced that we are now a non-profit organization in the State of Washington. We need to get an I.D. number and then we’ll establish a bank account. At this point we have approximately $900. These monies are from donations as well as profits from various fundraising activities. We also have some expenses that will reduce our monies by approximately $200.


Ken spoke about Action Teams. Recommended people check web site for minutes regarding  teams.

A.     DU Team: Problems with German producers of video have delayed distribution.  Brian Baird has received the DU videos and had indicated he would respond to us. To date we have not heard from him. Jim McDermott has or intends to initiate a Bill related to DU. We want to get education outreach to Ft. Lewis personnel. It was pointed out this would have to be done families of personnel. VA is also working on the issue of DU.

B.     Counter-Recruitment: Dennis reported this team is designing curriculum to be used in schools. Group has been meeting at Molly’s house. Have secured meetings with Principal of Eatonville H.S. tentatively for Jan. 11th to introduce and explain curriculum. Molly has 4 interns from TESC working on this.

C.     Funds Team: Jim reported currently there are 4 members. He stated that T-shirts, jewelry, buttons, and Larry’s book are current fundraising sources. Ken thanked Jim, Laurel, Larry, and  all that have taken the initiative to set up these various fundraising sources.

2006 National VFP Convention will take place in Seattle. All local chapters are working together on this. Linda Swisher from #92 said there is a possibility a ‘professional organizer’ might be hired to put final touches on event over last 8 weeks. Our chapter will need to get more involved as project moves along. Dates for Convention have not been finalized. UW/Seattle U. are being considered as housing locations.

100,000 & Counting Event: Keith Keyser, a guest, and one of the origanizers explained the history behind this event, which will take place on Capitol Campus on Jan. 15th . All were encouraged to participate and also spread the word.  Check out there web site.  Wes asked if this was a permitted event, and Keith replied, “yes”. Our chapter has endorsed the event.

Liaison Reports:

A.     Judy Linehan, Military Families Speak Out, MFSO, spoke about the national campaign to ‘Bring Them Home Now!’ Free to Disagree is planning to use this idea on one of their billboards in January. “The Iraq 10”, a play with music, is being aired around the country. Judy asked us to contact John Ford at KAOS to ask him to air it. He has info. on this, so let’s encourage him to do so. Judy also suggested that on March 19th besides marching etc. to observe anniversary of beginning of war in Iraq, have information tables at one of the churches.

B.     Christi McGinley, Rafah Sister Cities, said our chapter “feeds her soul” and said that their fundraiser raised over $5,000! She offered to take orders for $20 bottles of Olive Oil from the West Bank. She also reported that Rachel Corrie Foundation plans a lecture series to take place around the time of her death.

C.     Bob Rudolph reported on the collection and sending of toys to be sent to children in Iraq and Afghanistan. His group will accept donations of toys and/or money.

D.     Jim James stated that he nothing new to report as liaison for other VFP Chapters other than to state that maintaining such contact has proven to be very beneficial.    


Action Teams: Since they aren’t covered in our By-Laws, a proposed amendment was put forward. The amendment was discussed and by consensus of membership was approved. The amendment has now been posted on our web site.

Election of New Officers: Dennis Mills was nominated for President. He accepted and was elected unanimously by membership for 1 year. Ken Schwilk was nominated for Secretary/Treasurer. Dan Ryan, current Secretary/Treasurer, declined the nomination. Ken accepted and was elected unanimously by membership for 1 year. The Facilitator functions on a 3 month basis. Larry Kerschner was nominated as well as Laurel Vredenburg. Larry upon reflection seconded Laurel’s nomination and Laurel accepted. Membership then unanimously elected Laurel.

Domain Names: There were five options put forth for membership to consider. Currently we have however it was felt that having a shorter more explainable address would be advantageous for the chapter. Both Dennis and Christi, who have web page experience suggested that the shorter the better. The membership then approved by consensus the as the new web site. This will cost $8 on a one-time basis.


TCTV membership was brought up and discussed. As a non-profit, we can have a corporate membership for approximately $120/yr which would allow us to show imported documentaries and put on our own programming. The feeling of the group was this was a good idea, but in accordance with our By-Laws, as pointed out by Jim, we needed a Media Action Team to be formed, and they would bring forth their objectives/goals regarding Media. It was decided that following the Chapter Meeting, those interested in becoming members of the Media Action Team would meet and discuss what recommendations they would want to bring forward to the full membership for it’s approval. Approximately 7 people met following the Chapter Meeting to begin that process. Therefore no decision was reached regarding our obtaining TCTV Corporate Membership until we heard from the Media Action Team.

Wes said that he was contacted by John Ford at KAOS about his “Open Forum” program on Fridays and has invited VFP to participate in a 2 hour slot on a one-time or continuing basis. This would also be considered by the Media Action Team.

Wes also mentioned a local attorney, LeGrand Jones wanted us to know about a National GI Rights Hotline,, 1-800-394-9544. This is a free service and calls are confidential.

Membership Action Team was also discussed and members were encouraged to join. Don brought up the need for a “Membership Kit” and had already had initial contact with several other members. Jim had also put out an outline for a Membership Action Team dealing with other membership issues such as retention and recruitment. It was decided that both groups needed to consolidate their efforts or delineate who would be responsible for what functions.

Other Action Teams were also mentioned with a call for members to sign on to them since that would be the way our membership would work for the goals/objectives of Veterans For Peace. The Action Action Team was briefly discussed and Wes pointed out that indeed when we through the listserve were able to poll the membership regarding our endorsing the 100Thousand event.

Location of Future Meetings: Ken had mentioned the possibility of our utilizing a different location for future meetings. After further consideration and comments from members, it was decided that we’ll continue to meet at Plenty’s Restaurant. Therefore our January 16th Meeting will be held at 2 p.m. at Plenty’s again.