February 18, 2007 Meeting Minutes
Veterans for Peace Rachel Corrie Chapter 109
Olympia, Washington
In attendance:  Robert P, Cheryl C, Terry Z, Larry K, Jody T, Drew H, Ralph B, Lela Mc, Wally C, George H, Catherine D, Phil O, Dan R, Robert S, Dennis M, Craig C, Wes H, Thom L, Ken S, Jeff E (IVAW-Oly), Thomas C (IVAW-Oly), Kerri G, Jerry M, David G, Duane K
Introductions of members and guests.  These were brief as so many people were in attendance.
Approval of the minutes.  The January 21 meeting minutes were accepted as presented.
Treasurer's Report:
There is $301 in the general account.  There is $4928.37 in the grant account.  $2360 is obligated from the grant account for the video equipment so far, and some additional equipment is still to be purchased.  At the last meeting (January) up to $3700 was authorized for video equipment for the media team.
It was determined after the last meeting that the TCTV donation/fee had not been paid yet and $125 was paid to cover that annual expense.
The hat was passed for donations later in the meeting and $150 was collected for the general fund.
Old Business:
There was unanimous endorsement of the Olympia Port Militarization Resistance after information was presented by Wes and guests from that group.  They have a continuum of actions planned with the goal of stopping shipments of war equipment through our port.  They also have a statement of nonviolence that will guide their actions.  There will be a training at TESC on Sunday, March 4, 10am to 6pm in seminar building 2, the building to the right of Red Square as you approach from Evergreen Parkway.  Parking id free on Sunday.  Everyone is invited to attend, those who want to do civil disobedience and those who choose to be witnesses and other participants.  A vegetarian lunch will be provided.
Robert S is suggesting that an action team work on adding the words "Peace Bridge" to the name of the 4th Ave. bridge which is officially named the Olympia/Yashiro Japan Friendship Bridge (or something close to that).  Duane King commented that Yashiro, Japan has been incorporated into Kaito (sp?) which is near Kobe.  Robert (and Duane?) will follow up on how this name change can be done.
Information on The Vietnam Friendship Village was presented by Dan Ryan.  He will show a film on this village in Vietnam at the next meeting and request support from our chapter for this project.
Action Team Reports:
Membership: this team is working on bringing the roster up to date.  Hopes to establish a system for staying in touch with members by phone.
UM/DU:  the uranium munitions (DU) team is waiting for info/action from the Department of Health. VfP chapter 72 (Portland) is having a conference on the subject; check with our web site calendar for details.
Media:  Bob P. reports that we urgently need more trained camera people for the TV show. The training is available free at TCTV.  It consists of an orientation and then four sessions, then you work a live show.  The required orientation is once a month on a Monday night.  Call TCTV, 360-956-3100, to sign up.  The show airs weekly at 8am Thursdays and 10pm Fridays.  Be sure to see the March show which shows a twenty-minute film clip of Daniel Ellsberg's testimony at the Citizens Hearing on the Legality of the US Actions in Iraq: The Case of Lt. Ehren Watada.  You'll find this testimony very inspiring.   The radio show is on KAOS 89.3 FM on the third Thursday of each month at 8pm.  The media team recently added a big display board which is housed with Dennis M.  The media team is wanting to add a print component to the team.  Until this is systematized, we are all encouraged to write as much as we can in articles, letters to the editor, poems for publication, etc. to further the organization's goals.
Funds:  There is a form on the web site to fill out if you want to request funds for an action you are proposing.  Please use this form if time allows.  A the last meeting, $125 was collected for IVAW support.  At the January 24 peace rally, $1047 and about $300-worth of food was raised for food bank serving the Ft. Lewis Community.
"Actions":   No one was sure who should report for this team, but Terry Z. reported on a recent action, the Jan. 24 rally on the 4th Ave bridge.  The VfP was the lead organization and teamed up with the Thurston County Democrats, the Green Party of South Puget Sound, OMJP, OlyFOR and others to host about 800-900 people at a "Bring Them Home Now" rally.  Cash and food was collected for the food bank serving the Ft. Lewis community. (see paragraph above)
New Business:
Craig Corrie described several events in March marking the anniversary of his daughter's death.  There will be readings of Rachel's works on March 6 at TESC.  The events on March 6 and March 16 were endorsed by our chapter.  (I need more details on these events.  If someone has them, please send them to me for the minutes. Thanks.)   Craig reminded us that a goal of Rachel's was to establish an Olympia/Rafah (Palestine) sister city relationship.  Our chapter endorsed  this project.  The play "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" will be presented the last weekend in April at TESC.
A peace rally on Saturday, March 24 was endorsed and sponsored by our chapter.  The amount needed was to be determined by Jerry Muchmore, the liaison with this event, and coordinated with the treasurer for payment.  (It was estimated to be about $100.)  The rally will be at Sylvester Park, followed by a march to the bridge.
A reminder about the impeach Bush/Cheney forum on February 20.  After that, call Lisa Brown, majority leader of the state senate to ask the legislature pass SJM 8016, requesting investigations in the US House into the actions of Bush/Cheney, which might lead to impeachment.  A request coming from a state legislature might trigger impeachment investigations in the US House of Representatives.
Jody recommended we ride the Peace Train to the National Convention in Denver in August, '07.  She says the food and accommodations are very good for the price ($400 regular, $340 seniors) and the scenery is wonderful.
The City of Olympia recently passed unanimously a resolution requesting the US House and Senate start a safe withdrawal of all troops from Iraq immediately.  Olympia joined at least 85 other cities and counties that have passed such resolutions.  Our chapter endorsed this resolution.
Lela will coordinate support efforts for the IVAW Olympia.  She can be reached at lelamcnutt@gmail.com
We were reminded to use the "vfp109" list for chapter business only, and use the "vfp109talk" list for discussion and opinions.
Next meeting:
The next meeting is March 18, 1:30 (social time), 2:00pm business and program meeting at Traditions.  Please get agenda items to both Bob P and Larry K (rpoteat@hotmail.com and peacepoet@gmail.com)
Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Crist, Secretary