Larry Kerschner Writes


Editor, The Chronicle

It is hard to believe that the President of the United States would precipitate a war in order to affect the outcome of an election.  In the right-wing controlled media, there seems to be concerted effort to paint Iran and Iran 's leaders with the same madman bent to attack the world brush that was applied to Iraq in the buildup to that war.  In retrospect, focusing on the slavering evil of Saddam was a convenient cover to keep people from looking at all the lies the administration was telling to the American people.  Those in power know that most Americans are too lazy to find out the truth for themselves and will believe what they are told.

The truth is that Iran is five to ten years from producing a nuclear weapon, if that is their intention.  The U.S. Government wants us to think that a mushroom-shaped cloud is just over the horizon.  The U.S. Government wants us to believe that Iran is a rogue state that is committed to the destruction of Israel and the sponsorship of terrorism in the Middle East and around the world.  The U.S. government claims that they are using all diplomatic means available to try to settle this situation but how can you be diplomatic with madmen?  The U.S. Government does not want the American public to be aware of the fact that Iran in 2003 offered to accept peace with Israel. They also offered to cut material assistance to Palestinian armed groups and to pressure them to halt terrorist attacks within Israel.  Iran also offered to accept much tighter controls by the International Atomic Energy Agency of their peaceful nuclear development. George Bush claims that the threat to Israel and support for terrorists are the reasons we cannot reach a diplomatic solution with Iran, but when Iran offered to comply, he dismissed their offer out of hand.

Iran is a sovereign nation with reason to not trust the United States.  I personally don't believe that there should be any nuclear development peaceful or military but it is not up to the United States to make this decision for other nations.  Iran wants the United States to recognize the reality of their security needs in the volatile Middle East.

There seems that there was and maybe still is a real opportunity to increase the likelihood of peace in this region.  The George Bush needs to stop trying to be the bully of the world and to start looking for peaceful solutions to world problems.  I won't be surprised; however, if there is some form of military action against the people of Iran just in time to effect the November elections.

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