Larry Kerschner Writes

ISG Report


The Iraq Study group report has been finally released.  It contains a few good ideas such as the recognition that incompetent military and political quagmire in Iraq cannot lead to the supposed goals of the U.S.  Careful reading of the report however shows that ISG recommends that all oil resources in Iraq be turned over to private oil corporations under the threat of not supporting the Iraqi government. Control of the oil was obviously the real reason for this war and they are not giving up on it.   The idea of removing all combat troops except for embedding 10,000 American troops in Iraqi forces in rapid-reaction and special operations teams when the Iraqi forces are at best marginal sounds like creating hundreds if not thousands of hostage situations with the U.S. troops as the hostages.


      This whole Iraqi mess tends to make people forget about all the other mischief Bush has created around the world.  He had the CIA support an attempted coup against Hugo Chavez a democratically elected leader of Venezuela in 2002.  He had the CIA and the U.S. military arm and support a gang of murderous thugs in a coup against the democratically elected President Aristide of Haiti in 2004.  Tens of thousands of Aristide supporters have been murdered by the Bush supported gang.


     As I have previously stated Bush is having Korean farmers thrown off their land so that he can build a base from which he can attack China.  He doesn't have the insight to realize that China can defeat this country without firing one bullet.  All they have to do is request payment for the $300 billion in bonds that Bush has sold them to support his imperial fantasies.


       There are quieter military interventions going as well.  In July 2005 about 500 U.S. troops arrived in Paraguay with planes, weapons and ammunition.  The U.S. claims that al-Qaida is operating in the the region.  The only evidence that this may be true is a poster of Iguacu Falls, a tourist destination in the region, that was found by U.S. troops on the wall of an al-Qaida operative's home in Afghanistan.


       The U.S. base being developed in Mariscal Estigarribia, Paraguay will permit the landing of large aircraft and housing up to 16,000 troops and is less than 124 miles from the enormous gas fields in S.E. Bolivia.  The U.S troops are currently training Paraguayan troops in counter-insurgency methods similar to training U.S. troops, under Col. Oliver North, gave to the Contras who attacked the legitimate though left-leaning government of Nicaragua.  This history is well known to the populist government of Eva Morales in Bolivia.


     Don't think that Bush has only been pushing his proto-fascist agenda outside of the United States. Not too many Americans realize that under the recently passed Military Commissions Act the President can detain any American-not just foreigners-in jail without access to attorney or court without being charged with a crime.  So much for the rule of law in America.