21 September, 2004

Editor, The Chronicle

       Abortion is a problem for many in our society.  It is a problem for those who oppose it.  It is a problem for those who believe that only the woman who is pregnant should decide this issue.  It is a problem for the fetus.

       Why do women get abortions?  Generally the reasons come down to the fact that the woman sees the baby as a threat to some part of her life either physically, emotionally, monetarily or mentally.  When we perceive that someone threatens a portion or all of our life we would commonly identify this person as our enemy.  For whatever reason the fetus has become the enemy of the pregnant woman.

       Jesus tells us to love our enemies.  He also shows us that we donít love unless we are willing to suffer.  For this reason I donít believe that someone who identifies herself as a Christian can in good conscience have an abortion.  In no way am I condemning those who have had abortions.  Jesus did not condemn the woman found in adultery.  Condemnation does not lead to reconciliation.

        I would guess that more often than not the women having abortions are young and poor.  As Christians we are called to help free the poor from the injustices of our society.  We should be doing all that we can to reduce the need for abortions.  We should be supporting sex education, contraception, counseling and adoption.  As parents we should be living lives that show our children what it means to love and be loved. 

       A society in which 20% of the children live below the poverty level does not value children.  A society where an equal number have no health care does not value children.  A society that is not willing to spend the money needed to educate them does not value children.  A society that sexualizes almost all advertising does not value children.  A society that sends itís young off to kill or be killed does not value children. 

      Many of my progressive friends will not agree with me on abortion.  They see a huge amount of hypocrisy in a society that does not value children but  wants to force women to have children against their own judgment.  I have also heard it said that 70% of those calling themselves Christians and oppose abortion support capital punishment; 90% of them are said to support war as a legitimate foreign policy tool.

      Jesus said love your enemies.  He didnít say love your enemies before they are born but itís OK to kill them after they are born.  The women struggling with the realities of their lives are being told they must love their enemies.  But these same Christians are saying that they donít have to love their enemies.  A priest recently told me that since the people in Iraq are threatening us it is OK to kill them.  I can see Jesus just sadly shaking his head.

      A truly pro-life society would make the perceived need for abortion unnecessary. 


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