Larry Kerschner Writes

Who But An Idiot Would Oppose Health Reform?

      For the longest time I couldn’t imagine that anyone but an idiot would oppose a system that would provide health care to all the people.  After all, the World Health Organization ranks the United States 37th in overall health outcomes.  Our life expectancy is 42nd in the world while we spend twice as much per capita as the average of other industrial nations.  Why would the American sheep be lead unthinkingly to follow the Greek Chorus of health reform naysayers –Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs, the Wall Street Journal, the Religious Right, and Karl Rove? 

     At first I thought it only had to do the thirty cents out of every health care dollar that goes into the pockets of the insurance executives.  Did you ever ask yourself how that transaction improves your health in any way?  While the insurance company bribes, I mean, campaign contributions to Congress are a real factor I think I’ve found another somewhat hidden reason the financiers of this country are opposed to health care for the people. 

   According to a recent New York Times story, banks like Goldman Sachs are working on a new type investment scheme which involves buying up life insurance policies from the sick and elderly, bundling them into huge securities (anyone remember bundled mortgage securities), and selling shares in the securities to investors.  Buying shares in these securities is essentially betting that the people holding the policies will die earlier than predicted, thus increasing your profit margin. 

    Talk about a “death panel”  Since the main  risk to profit for the investors is that the people will live longer than predicted what better way to hedge your bet than by not allowing the most vulnerable in our society to get the health care that that might keep them healthy.

      It says something about the callousness and brutality of our society when a so-called paper of note prints an article like this stressing the investment possibilities but ignoring any question about the morality of betting on the continued or increased misery of others.  These investors are indexing the sick and then hoping that no cure for the common but fatal illnesses come about.  The Times article estimated that life-insurance backed securities could become a market of $500 billion.  How disgusting is this?


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