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Reflections on My Trip to Afghanistan

ObamaBush I could have sworn that we got rid of Bush with the last election but Iím wondering.

Cost of War I used to complain about the real costs of war when Bush and the Republican Congress were in charge.  I now have the same complaint with Obama and the lily-livered Democratic Congress supposedly running the show.

Who But An Idiot Would Oppose Health Reform? For the longest time I couldnít imagine that anyone but an idiot would oppose a system that would provide health care to all the people.

Employee Free Choice Act  Despite the claims of WalMart and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, America cannot survive as a low wage consumer society.

I Applaud...But, Unfortunately The President should learn from history and take a totally different approach to the Bush war in Afghanistan. 

Opposition Stems From Love I cannot do anything other than oppose the current illegal mission of the U.S. military. I hope that this, in fact, stems from love rather than hate.

Bear Stearns  I haven't heard of any loan guarantees with tax payer backing for working people who are faced with foreclosure of their homes or ballooning mortgage payments or even food costs which are up as a result of this financial debacle. 

Boogeyman  If we stopped oppressing people mostly for corporate desires and stopped supporting those who oppress people in our interests we would have immensely less enemies in this world.  Maybe we could then stop acting as though we are afraid.

War Cost  How can we ever count the true cost to all of us for this disaster? We have lost habeas corpus.  Congress has legalized the government spying on us without a warrant.  We have become known as a lawless and renegade nation throughout the world as we promote torture and extraordinary rendition as a stated means of gaining intelligence. 

Warmonger   The weapons manufacturers and the arms dealers must be licking their chops.  It won't matter to them which candidate is elected in the next Presidential election. 

Town Hall Meeting  When my turn came to speak I told the Congressman that I remember when I was in Vietnam there were a number of Congressional junkets that came in country, sat in Saigon and protected firebases and then returned home expressing the view that we only needed a little more time.  Another opinion heard at the time was that there was going to be a huge blood bath if we pulled out.  We pulled out and while there was a hard time and even some killings the predicted blood bath did not happen.

H.R. 676       It is ridiculous that in a country as rich as the United States, we allow the insurance companies to rob us of our basic right to health care.

Memorial Day  The dead don't see any honor in the flags and the parades.

We Are Responsible We are responsible to remove our illegal occupation immediately.

The Democrat's War  This war became the property of the Democrats when they assumed control of the 110th Congress.

Congress should ... This government needs to be of the people, by the people and most importantly for the people.

Defund Congress must cut off all funds by not passing the upcoming Supplemental Appropriations bill.

ISG Report Control of the oil was obviously the real reason for this war and they are not giving up on it.

Ten Reasons Here are ten reasons why we should bring these young people home.

North Korea  I just returned from Korea as part of a delegation of Veterans for Peace. The US should be leading the way to rid the world of nuclear weapons. We should be talking to our adversaries instead of threatening them. 

Pyongtaek Chinese troops left North Korea in 1958 but the question of whether American troops really need to be in Korea is never asked.

War Criminal While Bush likes to mouth the law and order platitudes he clearly believes he is above the law. 

Genocide  The current genocidal war against the children of the Palestinians belongs to the United States as much as to the Israelis.

Lt. Watada is a true patriot Lt. Watada should be honored for his willingness to stand up and say that what we are doing is wrong. 

Iran  I won't be surprised; however, if there is some form of military action against the people of Iran just in time to effect the November elections.  

Three Years of War What have we to show for the three years of military occupation?

Martin Luther King Until we look clearly at where we have come from we can have little hope of changing the direction we are headed.   We need truth and reconciliation in order to make a difference.

Stuck for a Year What they don't tell you is that while you are stuck with a plan for a year the insurance companies can change the medications that they cover whenever they want.  You can pick a plan to cover that medication that costs you several hundred dollars a month and the insurance company can stop covering it.

Church Leaders Where are the prophets today who will speak truth to power? 

Katrina Letter Did the fact that New Orleans is a Democratic stronghold with 70 percent Black and with the highest percent of people in poverty of all American cities play a part in the government response?

Voices in the Wilderness If necessary, members of Voices will go to jail but continuing to support the brutal attacks on the children of Iraq with our funds cannot be countenanced.

Open and Public Investigation is Necessary  President Clinton was impeached for lying to avoid embarrassment about a sexual affair.  Surely lying which lead to the deaths of thousands, the ruination of America's image and the plundering of the American treasury deserves at least the same level of investigation.

Veterans Benefits Until the time comes that we have abolished war as an instrument of national policy we are morally bound to care for those we purposely put in harms way.

Encouraging support for GI resistance A new group called Courage-To-Resist is organizing veterans, military families, and community activists to support military objectors.

Honor Peacemakers at Least Equally with the Warriors I personally long for the America that honors the peacemakers at least equally with the warriors.

Military Recruits I recommend talking with a veteran before signing enlistment papers. 

Bush Hoodwink The newest lie being promoted by Bush is that there is a crisis in the Social Security system. 

Approaching Spiritual Death a nation that continues year after year spending more money on the military than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.

Promoting Peace in the Greatest Support You cannot be all that you can be if you are dead or maimed in body or soul.  

Larry Kerschner's Letters from Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation Members Speak Out! 2001-2004

Power of the People The people do not have $600 billion a year to oppose those in power but we do have our voices and our bodies. 

Post-Election Those of us who are Christians and Progressives also won’t cede “moral issues” to the right-wing.

Abortion  A truly pro-life society would make the perceived need for abortion unnecessary. 

Republican National Convention What President Bush really thinks about those who serve at his whim in the U.S. military

The First Debate Limiting their debate to Iraq and North Korea, they both ignored areas of importance to the U.S. 

Hinder not the Children Reflections of the trip to Iraq and the story of Sedako.

Just Some Facts Just some facts to consider before voting

Larry E. Kershner Army Veteran Viet Nam, Olympia WA VFP RCC 109



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