Lt. Ehren Watada

Thank You Lt. Ehren Watada [Official Website]

  (Photo by George Hill)

Notes from inside the Watada Trial - Zoltan Grossman 2/5/2007

Ken Schwilk at Watada Trial

Watada Events Calendar

Ken Schwilk at the Watada Trial Rally.

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Watada Court Martial Ends in Mistrial

Watada Beats the Government - Marjorie Cohn, President of National Lawyers Guild

Eric Seitz on the Watada court martial mistrial (2:40)

Carolyn Ho comments on the mistrial (1:16)

Ann Wright comments on the mistrial (1:13)

Eric Seitz calls the Watada court martial "a major mess" (:50)
(this one is precious.....)
(A big round of thanks for Zoltan Grossman, Associate Member, for providing the links and reporting on the court martial)

See more of Zolatn's Video Collection on YouTube

The Watada Mistrial: Here's What Really Happened - Bill Simpich (Bill is a civil rights attorney who also has done defense work out of San Francisco)

Lt. Watada mistrial clear victory, “very likely” unqualified Courage to Resist website

Write General Dubik at Fort Lewis

Army Refiles Charges Against Soldier 2/23/2007  Army Tries To Court Martial Watada Again 2/23/2007