The Rachel Corrie Chapter

Meeting Minutes for April 2005

Attendance.  Jody T., Terry Z., Larry K., Dennis M., Bob R., George J., George H., John C.,

Ken S., Ralph B., Christi, M., Paula A., Laurel V., Molly G., David J., Duane K., Jerry M., Galilee C. (visitor), Jim D. (visitor), Robert G, Vern M., Total 21.  Last month 22.

Meeting called to order By Laurel Vredenburg

Galilee C., and David  D. were introduced as Visitors, George H. identified himself as a new member.  Galilee will join and should be placed on the roster as a pending member.

President Dennis M. gave a 20 min. review of the Chapters accomplishments via a power point presentation of our first year in existence.  Dennis received the groups appreciation for his leadership.  Dennis has announced he will be stepping down from the presidency but will continue with all his other VFP responsibilities.

Secretary/Treas. Report was given by Ken to include a detailed analysis of expenses and revenues for 2005. 

Secretary’s minutes were approved

G. “Jim” James was elected as the new facilitator and assumed the position immediately.

Jim thanked Laurel for a job well done and proceeded to review the format he would chose to use to facilitate the meeting as follows:

I.            Starting the meeting promptly on time

An opening statement to include a welcome to all, a review of the basic expectations for conducting the meeting, treating one another with courtesy and respect and allowing all to be heard.  The power is in the group as they have the ultimate decision making authority.  Decisions will be achieved with concensus as the goal.  Consensus will be understood to mean general agreement. The group briefly discussed the process for achieving consensus and the conclusions that might be reached through the process of discussion per our by-laws.

II.           Welcome guest and visitors, Introduced by hosts.

III.         Take attendance via roster scrub.  Initial = in attendance, correct roster if needed.

IV.        Brief thanks, appreciation’s and acknowledgments.

V.         Announcements.  Brief statements requiring no discussion.  If discussion seems

Necessary move to a place on the agenda.

VII.            Secretary’s Report.

VIII.            Treasurer’s Report.


IX.  Action Teams Reports                           Liaison Officers

1.        Funds, Ken                                    1.  Rafah Sis. Cities, Christi

2.  Media, Duane                                       2.  VFP, Jim

3.            Membership, Debbie                   3.  Rachel C. Found. Craig

4.         Vets Affairs, Molly                         4.  F.O.R., Larry

5.            Counter Recruitment, Molly         5.  2006 vfp convent. Dennis

6.         DU, Patricia                                    6.  Vocies for Change, Terry

7.         OPJM, Terry

(Reports should be 2 minutes or less)

X.        Old Business

XI.        New Business

XII.      Closing Statement.

This is your meeting. Take the opportunity to have your say in the work of our Chapter. Without your full participation we lose the power of our membership to fulfill the purposes of Veterans for Peace.

Closing comments from the membership.

Any thoughts today about the meeting?

Remember our next meeting, give time, place and date.

I hope to see you next month.

Watch the website, Bring a guest!

Thanks for coming and working for peace

This meeting is closed. OUT!  


Old business

Election of a new President

Larry K was elected as our new Chapter President.  He will fill the remainder of this term with the understanding that he may have some limitation due to logistics difficulties.

New Business

By-law amendments:

1.         Ken S, Laurel V., and Jim J. proposal to increase the facilitator term of office from 3 to 6 months was discussed and approved.

2.         The proposal to create an Alternate Facilitator position was discussed and approved with the change that the term alternate by change to “co-facilitator” and that the co-facilitator will assume be changed to “may” assume the lead facilitator role at the end of the 6 month term.

The co-facilitator will be a board member during the term of duty and may be a full or associate member.

The co-facilitator will perform the duties of the facilitator in his or her absence.

Christi M., was elected as co-facilitator.

Election of facilitators will be held in September and March.  They will assume their posts in October and April.

3.            Debbie Ps’ proposal to divide the Secretary Treasurer’s role was approved in concept.  Specific duties will be reviewed and elections held next month.

4.      Regarding creation of VP the chapter approved this new position. The exact duties of the VP would be presented to the chapter at the next meeting for approval. Elections would then be held.


5.            Conduct unbecoming a member of the Rachel Corrie Chapter of Veterans For Peace was opened for discussion.  In general the group returned to the routes of our organization noting that our greater responsibility is to serve the cause of peace and act in the best interest of the group.  Behavior that is disrespectful, discourteous, threatening and disruptive in our meetings or interpersonally outside of our meetings are considered to be inappropriate and will be the subject of a review by the membership.  Any behavior that prevents the progress of our work is considered conduct unbecoming a member of our organization and chapter.  Differing opinions were offered as how to deal with such behavior.  Shunning, sensitive confrontation to asking the person/s to leave the meeting were some of the responses the group felt might be appropriate.  In no instance in or out side of the group will inappropriate conduct be ignored.

6. Larry K’s proposed by-laws change regarding the definition of Action Team Member, Article X, Section 3 was presented and accepted after discussion to review Larry’s thoughts.  He will provide specific language for review at our next meeting.

7. Action Team  Liaison officer reports

a.         Christi M reviewed a proposed Funds Team project process form sheet to facilitate action teams or event sponsors plan, propose and fund their projects.  The form sheet was adopted.  All action teams requiring funding need to complete a form to assist your funds team budget plan.  (See Attached)

b.         Duane K reported on the media teams activity and progress.  He expressed concern to continue the planned projects without additional help

c.         Jim Reported for Debbie P., Membership Team that we would be meeting to explore implementation of the Membership orientation Kit and that we will be presenting a recruiting information form at our next chapter meeting.

d.            Counter recruitment team, Molly G. Not available

e.         Jim J reported the team have individual members working on individual goals and the team will look to reorganizing or clarifying our focus this next month.  David Jenkins work is our good example of a good example.

Liaison officers

a.         F.O.R. Larry K,

b.         VFP, Jim reported his VFP 2006 convention planning meeting he attended for Dennis M.  Much progress is occurring.  VFP chapters from WA. OR.,ID., and Alaska have all committed to participating. 

c.            Thurston Co. Progressive network connection was proposed by Terry Z.

8.         David J reviewed the Indian Island Awareness Week Activities, Maya 1-7 and requested sponsorship and financial support.  After much discussion the membership, consensus was that the chapter would provide $100.00 to the Port Townsend PT DUST.  David was loaned our VFP 109 Rachel Corrie banner to display at their events.  

9.       Funds Action Team request for funds to create a Statement of Purpose Foam Core Board. $15 was approved. (Cost was $29.26)

10.       Floor Agenda items, Announcements

a.         Laurel reported on his Rolling Thunder activity experience. (See the front page picture of laurel in the Saturday 16th Paper and read the article)

b.            Dennis announced that chapter 92 has made contact regarding Mike Hoffman’s (founding member of IVAW) trip to the North West.  Dennis will be the point man in coordinating activities for our chapter.

c.            George H.  Offered more literature to the group.

d.         Jodie, T announced the May 7th Ground zero event.  Larry K. and Laurel planned to attend

11.       Close

a.         A very brief discussion regarding the groups feeling about the process of the group was requested.  My sense was that most of those responding approved of the format and facilitation of the meeting.

b.         Next meeting WILL NOT BE AT PLENTY’S.  IT WILL BE AT TRADITIONS FAIR TRADE, 300 5th Av SW.  We begin promptly at 2pm, and end promptly at 5pm unless the business is concluded before 5 pm.

c.         Watch the Web site, bring a friend next time.

d.         meeting closed at 6:05PM.  OUT.