Meeting Minutes for August 16, 2009

Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 Veterans For Peace Regular Meeting Minutes 16 August 2009

Location:  Traditions Fair Trade, 5th Ave and Water St; Olympia, WA


Members present:  T. Zander, M. Fleming, L. Gilchrist,  W. Hamilton, D. Mills, K. Schwilk, D. Ryan, J. Cristal, J. Swanson, J. Mackey

Guests:  C. Trefts



Meeting began at 5:30 pm.


D. Mills gave a Treasurer’s report.  Figures will be included in archive copy


Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural:  Members discussed imagery for VFP 109 leaf.  Decided to use swords into plowshares imagery with chapter name and VFP logo.


Arlington Northwest:  Planned for Friday-Saturday, September 18-19.

Will hold planning meetings at 5:30 pm on 30 August at Traditions.  A second meeting will be held at Terry Zander’s home at 5:30 pm on 13 September.  Members decided to use on-line social networks and PSAs on TCTV and KAOS to pass the word rather than print flyers.  Memorial will include markers for US KIA’s in Afghanistan.


Members agreed to make the following arrangements:

     T. Zander will arrange transportation for markers, contact potential

speaker for ceremony and coordinate power at event site.

     L. Gilchrist will make signs, including one for the Afghanistan


     J. Swanson will network with Women in Black.

     K. Schwilk will contact David to serve as bugler.

     J. Mackey will arrange for a wreath.

     W. Hamilton will check with IVAW about their participation and

possible participation by Dahr Jamail.

     PSA’s—not  clear who will do this.

     Tents—will borrow from Walt and/or rent from TC Pro Net; not clear

who will make contact.


Media Team:  “Free and Fair” on last Thursday of month.  T. Zander said he and John Ford will give IVAW and Coffee Strong about 15 to 20 minutes of each show.


Bring the Guard Home:  Meeting with Washington NG Adjutant General Lowenberg and State Senator Karen Fraser on Monday, 17 August at 1:30.  Schwilk, Hamilton, Zander and possibly C. Crist will attend meeting.


TC Pro Net:  Members agreed to update VFP membership to qualify for discount tent rental for ANW.  K. Schwilk will make arrangements.


Future Events:  T. Zander proposed the following events for Veterans Day and beyond:

     Arrange transportation for Fort Lewis families to attend the Olympia

Community Dinner on the day before Thanksgiving.

     Land Mine and Bombie street theater for next spring.

     Fund raiser for the Fort Lewis Family Support Center and Coffee


     “Joyeaux Noel” showing at Capitol Theater during holiday season.

No specific decision on any of these was made.