Minutes from VFP November meeting, 11/21, held at Plenty Restaurant.
Meeting began with introduction of members and visitors.
Old Business:
Jim addressed the issue of networking with other chapters.
Judy Linehan reported that MFSO is arranging meetings with congressional members Cantwell, Murray, and Smith.
Christy told us that the Rafah Sister City Winter Celebration fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, Dec 11.  She also said that four people will be going to Rafah for 3 months to get various projects started if they can get in.
Molly reported on the CO info meeting that was held at her house on the 14th.  There were a number of Evergreen students in attendance who wanted to be involved in this area in the future.
Bill, from Eatonville, reported on the efforts to gain VFP access at Eatonville High School, for the purpose of counter recruiting.  To date, access has been denied.  The ACLU of WA has shown interest in the situation.  Erika Keller, a drama teacher at the school, is considering organizing a Peace Club, and would act as advisor.  VFP contacts on this issue are Dennis & Molly.