Rachel Corrie CHAPTER 109


Minutes for March 20, 2005 Chapter meeting


This will be creative minutes since the author is not a true Secretary...


The video documentary "The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children" is finally returned to our chapter from Congressman Brian Baird.  Don Broadwell reported that permission has been granted by Traprock Peace to show the video publicly.  We are required to send them $2 for each person who views it in a public showing.


Paula Allison offers to be the "Librarian" for our lending library consisting of the D.U. video and several books donated by a visitor.


Jodi Tiller reported on a Hiroshima Memorial Event being planned for August.  It was endorsed by the membership.  There is the possibility that we could do a presentation on Depleted Uranium., if members choose to do so.  To be explored further.


A visitor wondered if our Statement of Purpose should include biological Weapons of Mass Destruction, in addition to nuclear WMD's.  Is there a team to explore this?


Bob Rudolph reported on Eyes Wide Open, a traveling display of boots/shoes representing victims of the Iraq war.  The event will be in Tacoma, at the U. of W. campus, Tues. April 12, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Wed. April 13, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..  The website is  No signs will be allowed, but VFP t-shirts are o.k.  The event was endorsed by the membership.


Larry Kerschner reported that the Centralia (F.O.R.) vigil has a VFP banner and requested our endorsement, which was approved.

            He suggested amending our chapter's Statement of Purpose #5 to include veterans and ALL victims of war.  Is there a team to explore this?

            Larry also reported that the Centralia F.O.R. is producing a (radio?) show and is seeking Vets to interview, and be used for counter recruitment(?)

            Larry is willing to be the liason between VFP and Ground Zero.  Their next event is their Mother's Day protest, May 7, at the main gate to Bangor.


The Media Action Team is busy training volunteers for TCTV and is still seeking more members for training.  They can be contacted at ?


Jim Schulruff reported the upcoming radio program on Depleted Uranium on KAOS, 89.3 F.M. for Friday, March 25, at noon.  It included as guests Dennis Kyne, Leuren Moret, and Military Families Speak Out.


Terry Zander reported that The Olympian is working on a story about peace advocacy/education as opposed to "protest". 

            He also reported on "Peace Talks" to be held the second Monday at Traditions, 7 to 8:30 pm.  These include speakers and discussion time.   The next event will be on the topic of veterans and peace.  He is calling for veterans to come and offer their views.


David Jenkins reported the planning of Indian Island  awareness week, including theatre, speakers, poets, etc. on the subject of Indian Island (weapons storage site) and its 6 mile proximity to Port Townsend.  This is being planned by the Port Townsend Depleted Uranium Study Team (DUST) and was endorsed by VFP 109 membership.  This will occur around the second week in May.


Debby Pattin of the Membership Action Team will investigate possibillities for a phone line to be used as a chapter contact number.


Don Broadwell and Terry Zander reminded us of the upcoming Depleted Uranium presentation featuring Dennis Kyne and Leuren Moret to be held at the Eagle's Hall, 4th and Plum streets, April 3rd, 7 pm.  Don reported that finances for the event are "no problem" and that accomodations are needed for Dennis and Leuren.  That has been arranged.  Also they might possibly need sound equipment for the event.


Visitors Serena and Rochelle from the Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project reported that, in support of the Rachel Corrie family lawsuit against Caterpillar Corporation, there will be a day of action against Caterpillar at their main N.W. distributor, N.C. Machinery In Tukwilla.  This will happen on Wed., April 13th at 2pm.  A carpool will be leaving Olympia at 12:30 pm from the Harrison Ave./Division St. parking lot.  You can call Jake at (360) 259-6549.  There will be a non-violence training April 3rd at Traditions.


The New-Member-Orientation Action Team presented a proposed hand-out for new members.  A conflict arose in the team regarding one section.  Although there was not 100% agreement in the team, there was general consensus on the only section in question, the Chapter Actions section on the second page.  After extensive discussion the membership voted to approve the version presented.