Veterans for Peace #109 Rachel Corrie Chapter

Minutes for September 19th

Port Townsend, WA

Attendance: 24 *


Honoring Clara Carlson.  The chapter potluck for September celebrated the 98th birthday of Clara Carlson, widow of “veteran” Veteran for Peace Ralph.  Clara spoke of her affection for our members and our work.  She and daughter Elan are pleased to be in our thoughts.  Both are part of the VFP-RCC family.  Homemade deserts from the Milhollands topped off the party.  (Clara, the pleasure was ours.)


·       Wes Hamilton covered the actions and events during the RNC in New York.  Many peace groups (including Veterans for Peace and the newly formed Iraq Veterans Against the War) rallied peacefully, but were kept at a distance by police.

·       A possible ‘forum’ to debrief past actions and strategize future protests was described as a work-in-progress.  President Dennis Mills will pursue this taking the Leuren Moret visit into account.  The two events will not ‘compete’ for an October slot. 

·       Eatonville/RCC Action.  With Don Broadwell, Team Lead Wes Hamilton recommends the chapter hold its consensus model ahead of (pronounced) legal aims.  Our ESD counter-recruiting team folds until/unless the project is re-defined following consensus.  (Bill Compher asks members to contact him if they wish to support his efforts.  360.569.2991)

·       Arlington NW.  The team is still negotiating with the city for space on Capitol Hill.  Much progress to date, thanks in part to Seattle #92’s help.  Object: to show the cost of war.  Some discussion about inviting groups to join us.  MFSO in particular.  Inconclusive.  To be decided as our Arlington NW team moves ahead.

·       Northwest Vets for Peace (Portland) This new veterans org. invites us to take part in their I-5 corridor trek on October 9th.  No chapter action beyond suggesting individual members respond.  Portland contact #_____?



·        Chapter Make-Up.  Full discussion about helping Pt. Townsend start a separate chapter.  Solid points for and against.  Consensus was for a tentative beginning, guided by new member Steve Hamm.  Jim James reflected the consensus -- a separate chapter with 2 or 3 combined meetings each year.  For now, peninsula members will stay on RCC-#109 rolls.

·        Relations with MFSO.  (Wes H. for liaison, Judy Linehan)  Differences in presence were called “hard” vs. “soft,” especially regarding MFSO’s more aggressive posture on the war.  For now, MFSO has a media advantage over VFP.  Arlington NW will help address how MFSO and VFP connect, given their different styles.

·        D.U. Video.  Film from Kyne visit is loaned to Brian Baird’s office.  Ken explained the copyright wishes of Traprock and the filmmakers.  We will comply at every level.  (More under New Business)

·      Fund Raising. VFP National is no longer considered a source of funds.  Ideas for the make-up and sale of an RCC decal were inconclusive.   Chapter needs start-up funds to take the pressure off of our decision-making processes. **




·        Executive Committee.  To protect privacy, the chapter consensus was to keep EC minutes unpublished.  Meetings remain open to all members.

·        Policy for inviting speakers was discussed.  Chapter approved a four-part plan; vet the speaker, announce the format, follow the format, and moderate (member’s own) response to the speaker.

·        Depleted Uranium Action Group.  August meeting pledged to fund medical exams for (selected) troops returning from Iraq.  Chapter officers together with Taymere & David will kick-start the project.    


CORRECTION to the September 19th minutes. Submitted by David Jenkins, Oct.11, 2004.

Taymere Perkins and David Jenkins volunteered to be part of the VFP Depleted Uranium group of Chapter 109. I (David) did not volunteer to "Kick Start" a program to fund medical exams for selected troops returning from Iraq.

I (David) also agreed to coordinate an initial meeting to explore the interest in forming a separate NOrth Olympic Chaprter of VFP. Steve Hamm volunteered to publish an announcement of that meeting which I agreed to write and get to Steve.

Thanks for an interesting meeting in P. Town.

David Jenkins

·        Speakers bureau will develop over time.  Be on lookout for specific requests; match speaker with needs.

·        2006 Convention.  Pac NW to follow Dallas as host for VFP Assembly. 




·        Wes alerted members to the public’s perception of any MFSO/VFP ‘hard link.’ 

·        National’s new address is on the current brochure.  Feel free to download and print.…….etc

·        VFP’s 2004/05 year began Sept. 1st.  Mail renewals any time.

·        Craig updated us on progress in the Corrie Foundation where spring was picked for an annual convocation in Rachel’s name. 


Submitted by Don Broadwell for Julia Moore


The Corrie Chapter thanks Doug & Nancy Milholland for their cooking, food handling, inviting half-a-dozen guests and general, all around good vibes while preparing for our meeting.  We enjoyed your RoseWind Meeting Room.


* Attendance is constant at just under half the chapter. 

** Following the meeting, Larry Kerschner offered to sell his poetry to help raise money.  He will, short term, help organize poetry sales & other funding efforts.  (See National’s Website for samples of Larry’s poems)