VFP Chapter 109 Membership Meeting Minutes

11/20/05 at Olympia Free School


Attending (17):  Christi McGinley , Terry Zander, Dennis Mills, George Hill, Ken Schwilk ,, Robert Smith, Dave Dittemore,  Tom Hendrick, Molly Gibbs , Jim James, Robert Poteat, George Hartwell, Debbie Pattin, Dennis Mansker, and Ralph Blankenship.  Guests/Visitors:  Anneliese Langer, Benjamin Tabor.


2 pm Jim James called the meeting to order



§         The Membership Action Team will meet before the December meeting to discuss implementation of the “New Membership Kit”

§         The Membership Action Team will produce a recruitment ”VFP 109 RCC Information Sheet” for review at our next meeting

§         Elections of a new board of directors is to take place at the December general membership meeting


  1. Molly Gibbs introduced Anneliese Langer, a 17 year old student, who would like to go to England to the “International Peace Conference” put on by the “Stop the War Coalition” there to determine a “Global Strategy to End the Iraq War”.  Airfare would be about $623 and Anneliese asked for contributions from us to help with that cost.    There was a suggestion that Molly submit an Action Form to request money for the trip.  She said funds are needed by December 3 so time is an issue.  We passed the hat and raised $156?  That combined with funds raised elsewhere brought Anneliese up to the $500 that she has raised by 11/26/05.  Additional contributions would be appreciated  Going with Anneliese will be Molly and Judy Linehan comprising 3 of the 20 attendees from the U.S.   Additional information on the conference may be viewed at “http://www.stopwar.org.uk/”
  2. Ben Taber asked us what our thinking is on the Kevin Benderman issue.  We told him there is a lot of discussion on that right now.  No action taken to date though. Terry is working on C/O and has 8 cases including Mark Moore now.  George Hill emailed Monica (Kevin’s wife) & she says she has received 12k emails and lots of letters.  Too much.  Kevin & Monica are bearing up well and ask for no help from us other than to contact our congressmen in support of C/Os.
  3. Jim thanked all for participation on the Arlington Northwest Presentation. Cost to VFP 109 was about $300.
  4. Follow up letter to Smith & Baird asking if Bush has committed a “high crime”.  Baird said no so no impeachment yet.  It was pointed out that the House impeaches and the Senate tries the impeached.
  5. Follow up on governor national guard recall.  Apparently the governor does not have authority to recall because the National Guard has been “federalized”.
  6. Terry reporting on a planned fast at the legislative building through December.  It would be a joint effort of the Olympia area peace activist community.  VFP 109 to take a shift?  Terry & George will go to the Tuesday meeting to gather info.  Will report back.
  7. Ken gave the treasurers report:  $1,150 in the bank w/$50 of bills outstanding.  And we still have an inventory of items for sale.
  8. Ken noting that Representative Brendan Williams is working on a bill for the legislature calling for D/U testing on returning servicemen.  Also being eyed is possible legislation to control transport of radioactive materials in Washington State .
  9. Molly & George continue to work with Olympia School District staff to get set up for counter recruitment in the schools.  Molly is doing counter recruitment training on December 5.
  10. “NOW” program on recruitment on Fridays & Sundays on PBS tv channel 9.
  11. Molly asking for VFP 109 approval of brochures for counter recruitment handout.  We will read them over and consider approval later.  She also asked for the VFP stamp to go on the brochures including our contact name and phone number.
  12. Terry on Media Action Team that 5 members just finished the last program.  Pointed out that an Op Ed spot is open with The Oympian.  Larry is only one authorized to speak for VFP.
  13. VFP National Convention 2006 in Seattle is actively being planned.  Jim is our local conduit to Seattle for info on this.
  14. Agent Orange presentation by VFP 92.  We voted to contribute $50 toward the cost of this.
  15. The Rachel Corrie Foundation’s first annual conference will be in March 2006.  Arun Gandi, two or three Palestinian speakers, and some Jewish/Israeli speakers will be presenting.
  16. Debbie saying 1/16/06 MLK day statewide poverty action commemoration of 1932 poverty.  She will prepare an action plan & present.  
  17. The VFP109 list serve will be divided into:  a. VFP 109 discussion group for non critical messages and b.  The regular list serve will be reserved for critical messages.  Christi will discern who can continue to send on the old list serve.


5PM conclusion of meeting




Ralph Blankenship