Our Journey to Smile



The love in Abdulai's journey to peace

Ambassador Eikenberry recently met with Abdulai and his friends at their peace vigil in Afghanistan. This video clip is very touching and encouraging.

In Olympia, we are going to create a "Two Cups of Tea Peace Vigil & Conference" to highlight their efforts. For further information, contact Douglas Mackey dougwmackey@gmail.com or Dennis Mills mills.dennis@comcast.net

The young peace volunteers living in Bamiyan, Afghanistan have decided to begin a vigil this Sunday, November 15, 2009 from 12 - 1 pm; and will continue their vigil each day with their message calling for the Reconciliation of Civil Hearts until a surge of reconciliation is realized.  This could come in the form of the acknowledgement by the recent Nobel Peace Prize recipient on or about December 10, 2009. 

 The 2nd Cup of Tea Peace Vigil will begin in Olympia this Sunday, November 15 in two places:

 12:00 - 1:00 pm  

 Site 1: Percival Landing site - Coordinator is Terry Zander.  

Set up:   Signs (supports), table, tea, hot water thermos, paper tea cups, handouts, camera to take photos of supporters (one by one).

Sign up via:  Please email Terry Zander directly
tezzer1.tz@gmail.com. Be careful to only sign up for days you will be there.  The Official Schedule and Journal will be kept at the vigil site.

Other site(s) being developed today and tomorrow (TESC, SPSCC?)  . . .  Please let us know if you can help at one of these college sites.

See you there.