We need to be ready to speak and write:

We should always be prepared to share our VFP Statement of Purpose whenever an opportunity arises. Recently, VFP chapters were invited to hear Michael Moore on October 19th in Seattle. We all wore our VFP T-shirts. I'm sure that caught the attention of Elisa Hahn from KING 5 TV. She briefly interviewed me and I was sure that my comments would never be aired. Wrong! I was told they were and even a brief statement  made it into their webpage for the news that night. We have a message that cuts across political parties and needs to be heard by everyone! 

We must write letters to the editor to express our opinion. See Bob Rudolph's responses in "We Must Speak Up." Bob has  received replies from elected officials and from newspaper editors that should encourage us all to write! 

I also use Progressive Secretary to help me write and send letters on behalf for free. Progressive Secretary has sent hundreds of  letters for me so far. Donations help with their computer and mailing expenses --Dennis