Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 Veterans For Peace
Regular Meeting Minutes 16 January 2011
Location:  Duane King Residence, Oympia, WA

Members present:  Mark Fleming, Duane. King, Ann Sunrise, Ken Schwilk

Guests:  Cheryl Crist, Zahid Chaudry, Ann Chaudry

President Duane King opened the meeting at 5:30 pm.

Secretary Mark Fleming read minutes from the last regular meeting
which was held on 21 November 2010.  Participation in the FOR holiday
vigil was substituted for the  December meeting.

Due to the death of his brother, treasurer Dennis Mills was not
present to give a report.  Secretary Fleming repeated the information
provided at the November meeting as the most current balance

Media Report

•        Duane reported that the January television program featured
interviews and footage from Coffee Strong.  Due to Dennis Mills
absence, no information about upcoming programs was available.  Duane
reminded members that Dennis had sent out a taping schedule via

•        Duane reported that no program has been lined up for the January
radio program.  He reported that in the December program National VFP
board member Eliot Abrams stated that the national organization plans
to emphasize direct action to call for an end to the wars.  He said
that the December arrest of VFP members in front of the White House is
an example of what the organization hopes to accomplish in 2011.

Cheryl Crist informed the members of a planned visit to Olympia by
Dennis Kucinnich and asked VFP to sign on as a sponsor.  No direct
cost is required but chapter members would be asked to volunteer at
the event.  Members agreed unanimously to support the event which will
be consistent with the national VFP campaign around “How’s the war
economy working for you?”

Duane offered a motion to begin preparation to present Arlington
Northwest in September.  The motion was seconded and discussion
ensued.  Duane stated that ANW is an effective means for showing the
cost of war.  He offered to lead the effort and enlist the support of
other groups.  Mark and Ken questioned the effectiveness of ANW.
Motion was tabled pending further discussion by more chapter members.
Members did authorize Duane to seek a permit for use of Heritage Park
in September in the event that the chapter agrees to present ANW.

Zahid Chaudry updated members on his deportation case and requested
individual members to visit his website and sign a statement of

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm