Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 Veterans For Peace Regular Meeting Minutes 28 June 2009

Location:  Coffee Strong GI Coffee House, 15109 Union Ave SW in Lakewood, Washington


Members present:  T. Zander, D. Mills, M. Fleming, K. Schwilk, D.

Mackey, J. Mackey


Guests:  Seth Manzel IVAW/Coffee Strong, Gary Leon Van Horn (Chapter 143).



Meeting began at 2:00 pm.


D Mills presented treasurer’s report (actual figures will be included in archived minutes).


T Zander updated membership on events and activities:


     Tumwater July 4th parade—VFP 109; members uncertain about turnout

and decided to pass on the honor.

     Lakefair parade application pending.  Assuming approval, we need to

drum up a decent peace contingent by inviting other like-minded groups such as FOR, OUUO to march with us under a shared theme that is inclusive.  The Mackeys will sketch out some ideas and all members will network with other groups to determine willingness to participate.  Zander will check with the Stop the War Band about their participation.  VFP will also table outside Traditions during Lakefair.

     Arlington NW, planned for Friday and Saturday, 18-19 September.

Zander will contact General Administration about moving date to 19 and 20.  Instead of making new markers in advance, we will make them on site during the event as a visible symbol of war’s cost.  Zander can retrieve the materials from Seattle and will coordinate use with the Evergreen Peace and Justice group and other VFP chapters that may plan to display them.  D. Mackey suggested getting the materials early enough to look them over and make any needed repair/refurbishment.

Fleming will prepare some copy for a press release and a flyer to hand out at Lakefair.

     Veterans Day:  VFP should consider doing something.  No decision on


     Bring the Guard Home:  No word back from the Adjutant General on VFP

request for meeting segued into discussion of DU resolution passed by Legislature (not sure when).  Zander obtained copy of 2006 report issued by the WA Dept of Military Affairs and submitted to the “Joint Committee on Veteran’ and Military” (punctuation and spelling in original).

     Zander proposed possible street theater on danger of land mines and

“bombies”.  Consensus was that the theater would be next spring which will allow time to plan it out.

     Letter to AG McKenna on his support for Israeli military action in

Gaza.  No word back.


Media Team.  R. Poteat reported via email that he signed a six month contract with TCTV for the broadcast and has programs lined up for July and August.  He further reports that he will no longer be participate in the Media Team for TCTC programs beginning in September or Free and Fair beginning in July.  Consensus is to continue media work but no decision on exactly who or how.  Zander will put out inquiry to membership to see who is interested in doing what.


Coffee Strong update:  Seth Manzel anticipates that CS will lose about one third of its customer base when all the Fort Lewis units deploy.

With fewer soldiers around, Coffee Strong and GI Voice will expand services to assist families and returnees.  The loss of customers will challenge CS to maintain operations.  Focusing now on grants and outreach to meet expenses.


FOR Letter to Iran.  Zander asked if National VFP has signed on and if not, why not?  Members present agreed VFP 109 should sign on regardless of National’s action.  If anyone is actually reading this far, shoot me an email and tell me what the letter said.  Zander suggested that support for FOR would be an appropriate resolution for the national convention.  He will see what’s involved.


VFP 109 has been asked to design and support a leaf o the Rafia Mural.  Members present agreed and asked for additional details about what is involved.


Discussion of meeting site since Traditions is open Sunday afternoons.  VFP can meet there after closing and at Coffee Strong in the afternoon.  Consensus was to meet in both places as their schedules allow.  The July and August meetings will be held at Traditions.