JUNE 13, 2005

  ATTENDING: Larry K., President, Terry Z., Vice President, Ken S. Treasurer, George H., Secretary (?), Christi, M., and G. "Jim" J., CO-facilitators, Debbie, P., Membership Action Team Leader, Dennis Mills.


       1.   Strategic Planning.  Discussed and agreed on the need for strategic planning for the next year to provide agreed upon direction and works of our chapter.
        a.  There was general agreement that our ability to accomplish the purposes of our chapter would be dependent on and require the growing of our membership.  Growing the membership needs to be a primary strategy focus to recruit and retain members to achieve accomplishments.
        b.  Debbie P. reported the work and recommendations of the Membership Action Team regarding the implementation of the "New Member Kit."  The membership will be consulted regarding the distribution of the "kit" given it's cost and the desires of current member to receive it.  There was support to include additional information recommended by the Action Team.  The additional information may include the names of the Board members, a roster, a follow up survey by an identified buddy or sponsor of each new member.
        c.  The Chapter information sheet was briefly discussed secondary to it's trial use at two local events where a total of 48 potential new members signed up as new members (11) or requesting follow up contact to hear about the group and or be invited to our next meeting.
        d.  The development of a concept of a roster management as an extension of the Membership Action Team was reviewed to include specific expectations for role responsibilities regarding recruitment and retention.
         RECRUITMENT ROLES would include; specific expectations for every member to recruit as an individual and to support recruiting actions at events that would promote the organization and chapter as is possible, develop a call/outreach team to follow up with those identified as being interested in joining or hearing more about our Chapter.
        ROSTER MANAGEMENT: Retention roles would include a ROSTER MASTER(National Chapter Contact person) who would monitor and edit a roster from national that is as current, complete and as is timely possible.  This person would be responsible to contact the national office to resolve questions or issues regarding our members and the national roster and to add newly developed pending members via individual referral, media advertisements or community events. 
       Develop a team of roster managers who would analyze roster data, perform buddy/sponsor follow up, perform new member surveys, follow up to ensure membership status is up to date and to promote activities and events that enhance retention.
       The make up of the Membership Action Team was discussed.  The assumption that board members and community liaison position holders would be Action Team Member given the position they hold was generally accepted.
  The position of National contact person (roster master) via the nature of the position is also seen as an Action Team Member.  Although Don B. has performed as our chapter's National contact roster manager, he has again declined to join The Membership Action Team.  The Membership Action Team's recommendation to consider this position open was accepted by the Board and will be referred to the membership as an agenda item for discussion at our next meeting.
  OTHER ACTION TEAM MEMBERS.  A number of volunteers have agreed to join the team as callers for recruitment and retention efforts.  There will be a drive to increase the number of callers to spread the workload.
  2.  STRATEGY PLANNING FACILITATION.  The Board will commend guest Strategy facilitation by Dana Briggs, VFP Chapter 92 member and National Board member and Susan Campbell.  The plan for guest facilitation and timing of this work will be dependent upon membership agreement and facilitator availability.  The board will recommend The month of September be the month for strategy planning meeting.     
  3.  Upcoming events were discussed.  Anyone interested in putting on events or activities or who want our chapter to join other group activities are reminded to use the project form to facilitate the process.
  4.  The board agreed after some discussion to recommend a picnic in the month of August.  A very abbreviated business meeting a then a social activity with the hope to get non regular attending members and potential members to experience the folks of our chapter.  As a strategy are the role of social activities needs to be and will be explored.


                                          Scribe, G. "Jim" James