Washington State's DU Bill in the Final Budget


Page 55 8(a).

18 (8)(a) $150,000 of the general fund--state appropriation for fiscal

19 year 2007 is provided solely for the military department to: (i)

20 Initiate a health registry for veterans and military personnel

21 returning from Afghanistan, Iraq, or other countries in which depleted

22 uranium or other hazardous materials may be found; (ii) develop a plan

23 for outreach to and follow-up of military personnel; (iii) prepare a

24 report for service members concerning potential exposure to depleted

25 uranium and other toxic chemical substances and the precautions

26 recommended under combat and noncombat conditions while in a combat

27 zone; (iv) submit a report by October 1, 2006, to the joint veterans

28 and military affairs committee on the scope and adequacy of training

29 received by members of the Washington national guard on detecting

30 whether their service as eligible members is likely to entail, or to

31 have entailed, exposure to depleted uranium, including an assessment of

32 the feasibility and cost of adding predeployment training concerning

33 potential exposure to depleted uranium and other toxic chemical

34 substances; and (v) study the health effects of hazardous materials

35 exposure including, but not limited to, depleted uranium, as they

36 relate to military service and submit a report and recommendations to

37 the joint veterans and military affairs committee.

Official Print - 55

1 (b) By January 31, 2007, the joint veterans and military affairs

2 committee shall submit its recommendations, if any, to the appropriate

3 committees of the legislature.